Essential Sea Fishing Equipment

Sea fishing is an exciting extension of fishing from the shore, with the new environment comes new equipment. For starters you will need a completely new fishing rod that will be able to stand the corrosive effects of seawater.

There are some pieces of essential sea fishing equipment that you will need that go beyond your fishing equipment. To make sure that you are safe while fishing out at sea there are some things you will need to add to your tackle box for smooth sailing.

Sea Fishing Rod And Reel

When you start sea fishing you will notice that rods meant for sea fishing are often a lot longer than regular fishing rods. Rods that are classified as sea fishing equipment measure more than six feet and can be hard to handle when you start fishing out at sea for the first time. Look for a fishing equipment review that singles out the most rust resistant rods.

The Tackle Box

If you don’t already have a tackle box then include one in your sea fishing equipment. A tackle box is important for keeping your tackle organized and out of the way. When you are in a boat you don’t want your equipment to be in the way or hard to find.

A well organized tackle box will solve both problems. You can also store a first aid kit in your tackle box as part of your sea fishing equipment. Add other things that you might want to have on hand while out at sea to your tackle box.

Utility Knife

This is probably the most versatile piece of sea fishing equipment that you could include in your tackle box. On long trips this can be used to open up canned food, you can also use it to cut a tangled line, or even to clean your catch.

As with your fishing rod you want to find one that will be rust resistant so that you can use it for a long time. You might also want to bring a file along with you to keep your knife sharp. You can improvise with a metal nail file. A file will also double as a sharpener for your hooks.


When you need to get a hook out of a fish you will find that a pair of thin nosed pliers will be the most practical sea fishing equipment to have. It can also help you to cut lines in a pinch when you don’t have a utility knife with you.